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Tell Liberty Mutual's CEO to take immediate action

Liberty Mutual is backing new coal mines, oil pipelines, and fracking wells across the world. Send an email to CEO David Long, calling on the company to stop insuring fossil fuel expansion immediately.

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Demand Liberty Mutual drop Trans Mountain

Liberty Mutual is insuring the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline in the face of resistance from Indigenous communities. Call Liberty Mutual and urge them to drop all tar sands projects.

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Digital rally with Indigenous leaders

Frontline leaders and grassroots activists came together to discuss Liberty Mutual’s concerning climate and human rights record and take action collectively.

Watch the rally here

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The movement targeting the funders of fossil fuels is growing around the world. Spread the word about the Liberty Mutual campaign.

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Are you excited to do more?

We’re building up teams to take on Liberty Mutual in its hometown of Boston and other cities and towns across the country. Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll be in touch with training, tools, and community to support you to take action.

Are you a Liberty Mutual employee?

Take this survey to share your thoughts on Liberty Mutual’s fossil fuel business. Your responses can be totally anonymous, or you can share your contact info for updates. As an employee, you’re well-placed to help Liberty Mutual become an industry leader in tackling climate change, and we’d love to connect with you.

You can also reach out to us confidentially via email:

Are you thinking about working at Liberty Mutual?

The insurance industry is looking to fill critically-needed positions, and as a part of that future workforce, you and your peers can be powerful advocates for meaningful climate action from the industry. Sign this petition calling on Liberty Mutual to insure our future, not fossil fuels. You can also learn more about how to organize on your campus with Future Coalition and Insure Our Future’s Action Toolkit for Students: Insurance Companies Can’t Hire Good Talent if They Keep Wrecking the Climate.

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